9VT\5 is an independent publishing house for artists and writers.

we like to put novel stories and ideas into the world with a focus on limited-run editions.

our interests lie across an array of disciplines, from the work of visual artists to the publication of academic theses.

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our name

a product of chance: our previous creative lead, Isabella, wandered into her local tattoo shop with numbers, letters and characters scrawled out individually on torn fragments of notebook paper, enclosed in a winter cap.

she invited the first available artist to roll a six-sided die, give the cap a shake, and blindly draw the respective number of scraps from the selection.

she left that morning with the symbols "9VT\5" tattooed on the outside of her left wrist.

what better way to deify this mistrustfulness of meaning than to name our platform after it, one that helps artists give expression to their ideas.

our team

Jack George (founder, editor)


Lord Merryweather (editor in chief)


Zelda Solomon (creative lead, editor)